torsdag 29 mars 2012

Under the skin pt 2.5 - blowing instruments

This is a smaller post, more of a side-note to the previous one on the speech aparatus. If you wanna read the first part on BRAINS and illusions of body ownership go here.
I was surfing around the internets looking for interesting x-rays when I found videos of people using their speech apparatus for other things than speech - blowing instruments! I just wanted to share them with you. Aren't they marvelous :)?

I think they're really interesting because they show the function that the pulmonic pressure (pressure from the lungs) and the shape of the lips play. Sometimes the note changes but we see no/little change in the upper parts of the vocal tract, and that's because of stuff going on further down or because of the lips.

Now let's enjoy some sweet sweet jazz.

And some "sexy" saxophone
(quite impressive what he can do lying down actually)

and why not the great meme of 'sax rolling' while were at it :)?

Bye bye!
P.s. Here's another great clip of x-ray blowing!

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