tisdag 10 januari 2012


I've just been and picked up a bunch of grammars.
This university has an awesome library service.

1) regular students can request books down to the circulation desk, even if the books are available on the shelfs of that same library. This is awesome if you, like me, need a lot of books from different sections of the library.

2) I get to keep them until april 1st even though I'm not staff. Unless someone requests the book that is. How awesome is that?!

3) there is a starbucks inside the library. Dunno about you but I find that pretty sweet.

4) I was able to download 13 grammars through the library in a very nice PDF-format and I can view about 10 online. (Unlike SU that has a deal with JSTOR that fucks up the readability severely).

So I requested 22 books yesterday and I was just there and picked 'em up. How sweet is that.

Some people put up pictures of their outfit of the day.. I wanna show you my books!

I haven't looked in all of the in a great detail, I just got back. But I know from previous experience that the Tagalog reference grammar from Schachter & Otanes (1972)
is very, very good.
I expect the well-cited Derbyshire (1993), Li&Thompson (1981), Hewitt (1995)
and Herrity (2000) to be something out of the ordinary aswell.
Perhaps surprisingly the prize for the best cover goes to the, for me,
totally unkown Björkhagen (1962)

Isn't that pretty? I think it is. 60's design is very often very good.

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