tisdag 3 april 2012

Reese, Cely and gifs of Men

Let's take a minute away from the seriousness of science and other serious issues. Let's talk about men and chocolate.

I love Reese. I really REALLY love Reese. I've found someone who also loves Reese as much as I do. She is awesome and her name is Cely. Her blog is about all kinds of things that interested her, like REESES(!!), cute dogs and sexy men. And also running [sic].

I love to eat Reese’s cups, like LOVE them so much I can eat 10 at once. In comes the “running off” part. I run to eat. period. the end. I love Reese’s cups so now I have to like running.

That's the most inspiring thing I've ever heard, when it comes to motivating people to start running. I mean it, I've never heard a better argument in my life. I seriously have to rethink my position on running now.

Gifs of men
.gif is a fileformat for pictures and is most often used for a very short series of pictures shown after each other and is looped, see below. Gifs were very, very popular in the beginning of when the internets became a public space.
On mondays this Cely girl posts a lot of gifs and static pictures of hot men.

In case you're having a bad day or something, here is something to lighten your day: some my favorites gifs of hot guys.

Just thought you'd be interested ;)

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