fredag 13 april 2012

Absurd Animations

I am a big fan surreal and absurd animations (or art in general). A big fan. Animation is such a playful media, you can do so much!
I wanted to share with you four of my favorite surreal animations. If you like this kinda stuff I recommend subscribing to Channel Frederator on the tubes. They have a short weekly show were they discuss and recommend new up and coming animations.

Who I am and What I want
"I want to me a part of the interal workings and crushed within them"
Brilliant animation by David Shrigley. 
Absolutely brilliant. Stunningly brilliant and awesome. Period.
Thank you Raoul for showing it to me the first time.
David Shrigley has also made a music video for Blur's song
"Good song
". It is also epicly good.
Sleeping and Dreaming of Food
by awesome artist Kolbeinn Karlsson and animator Eva-Marie Elg.
 I'm sorry it's only a trailer. You can see some more stills and stuff on their website. Kolbeinn is from Uppsala just like me but we became friends in Stockholm through Galago-parties.
Kolbeinn is an awesome artist and a wonderful person. He has left Mälardalen for Malmö though.  (WHY MUST ALL AWESOME PEOPLE MOVE TO MALMÖ?!?! Don't tell me, I know why.. it's an very nice place, less stressful and people are more..
close, making spontaneity easier.)
Fuck the humans
"They don't fucking have fur!"
By Brad Neely
I don't know anything about the creator of this song or animation.
But I love it!

"Looks like you're giving that naked man a bath"
by Stephen P Neary
A beautiful story of real friendship!
I love it so much! Especially the voice actors

Greetings from the rainy prairies!
It's pouring down outside so I'm inside having beer and burgers. Hope you're all alright.

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