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Winnipeg: Orange Jell-o

Orange Jello-O
Movie still from My Winnipeg
In the fictional movie My Winnipeg (Guy Maddin 2008) there is a period know as the "Orange Jello-O-days". During that period decadence ruled and at The Bay on Portage there was a restaurant called the Paddlewheel where they held Man-pageants. Women watching men parading, showing of their bodies. The citys Mayor selected the winner - The Golden Boy. The Paddlewheel sold orange - golden - jello as dessert. Everything was wonderful and sinful.

There was actually a mayor called Mayor Cornish, just like in the movie. But he was mayor in the late 1800's.. so. Yeah no.

On Sebastians birthday, the 24th of February, we went to a restaurant on Edmonton St here in Winnipeg called Affinitiy garden. It was really good and all (the Seitan and the noodles were very veryyy good), but what was most exciting was the Tea Jelly! It was orange and tasted of vanilla, much like Crème Brûlée. Here are two very short clips of us and the jelly. I have no idea if they know anything about the movie and the connotations of the orange jello - I doubt it.

Point being:
very exciting to have had orange jell-o in Winnipeg in presence of a hot guy.

Here are some more stills from the movie:

Isn't it just wonderful? It's a kinda hard movie to watch, you have to be in the right mood. It's very slow in the beginning and the narrative is broken into many pieces. Once you get into it though it's a great, great movie. It's hysterically funny, especially if you know Winnipeg.

North American Cuisine
They're crazy about their jello-o over here, really.  I found this awful recipe of Jell-o fruit salad. I mean, come on.. you... you just.. CAN'T DO THAT!!

North americans don't care about what is appropriate in the "old" world, it's like the parents are gone and the kids have the house to themselves. They come up with the weirdest combinations of foods, many things that would be considered very vulgar and barbaric in europe. Like mayonnaise on sushi.. (I know you like it Sean and it's okay ^^).

Not to mention the culture of being able to specialize your order like kah-razy. "White Mocha Non-Fat Frappucino with Caramel"... I feel like the mum in Goodbye Lenin: I want there to be only one option!!

I don't think it's all bad, they are being more creative and they think outside the box... it's just... I'm a poor little european and I feel it's WRONG. And then there's the architecture, they just go bananas!! They have lots of space here on the prairies and no shortage of concrete. I like that though, I reeaaally like that. It's fun with all the weird designs they come up with, even the ugly ones. At least they're doing something new!

I've never felt so european as I do here, not swedish but european. I find my self missing London, Paris and Leipzig. I'm not even from there!!

I like it that "european" here means... loose morals (or plain erotic), experimental, snobby, pretentious, superior and interesting. I understand it's no fun getting stereotyped but... but I enjoy this stereotype ^^
Bye bye!

P.s. This boy is called Branden (->) and his favorite expression when he likes something is "golden" ^^.  I like how Winnipeg has the "Golden Boy"on the legislative building and that the jello is golden orange. My theme for my farewell party was "Gold and Canada" and everybody that it was really strange. Looks like I was on to something!! HA! Look who's laughing now!!
Branden told me that Winnipeg is the Slurpie (kinda like Slush Puppies) Capital of the world. This needs to be investigated!

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