söndag 29 april 2012

Internet Exile

I am currently without a charger for my computer and without easy access to internet. 
I have a couple blog posts that I intend to finish up and publish soon, but right now I wanna make the most of my few days here in Winnipeg.

I'm leaving on Thursday. Today is Sunday. I haven't fully understood that I'm leaving.
I've found good people here. I've been in many places, I've met lots of people. I can tell when I meet people that I fully...  like. So I feel sad about leaving them. Because I know how far between it can be between them.

In Swedish we say that people can click with each other. I've clicked with them. 

I like Winnipeg, it's a nice city. I don't agree with the natives of this town who always question why I chose to come here. I like it here, a lot. I like the department of Linguistics at University of Manitoba, a lot. 

I feel sad about leaving. I don't want to think about it. I wanna stay longer. I also feel sad about how hard it is to express sincerity about these things... it all sounds so cliché and polite. I really, really like this city and the people I've met here. I hope they can understand that. I feel powerless when it comes to expressing feelings with language.

So.. since I'm in Internet Exile I'll put up a few photos of what I've been up to in the IRL-world. 

Me and Kristine at Brandens house outside of Winnipeg. Right before we went out quading in the dark plains of Manitoba. Not the first but the second meaning of the term "quading" as listed by urban dictionary..

1. having sex with a quadriplegic
2. 4Wheeling

 I posed like Rosie the Riveter and bleached my hair. Or rather, Branden bleached my hair ^^!
Went to the zoo with Meera, Sean, Kristina and Branden. Saw pretty birds and cute pandas and a huge construction site for the new polar bear exhibit they're building.

I found Yifan Liu and discovered how much fun she is to party with! 

 I found out that shared not only taste in beer with Jesse but also 
opinions about the left movements in North America. Good stuffs.

 Skated at the forks :)
 I drew a picture for Branden. It took a couple of days but I'm quite satisfied ^^!

 Went walking in the sunset
 Had poutine.
 Went to derby scrimmage 
Went to a quiet fashion show.

Hung out with wonderful pretty Sean.

Bye bye for now, talk soon.

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