måndag 9 januari 2012

Things I've won

So I've been going to several events for newcomers, international students etc. And it seems like several of the people presenting had been attending the same course in how-to-make-people-listen-at-presentations because they used similar approaches. And like Americans they are very good at speaking loud and C L E A R.

One thing they did was have a quiz and give away prizes. Since I'm the misfit that I am and really talking about what I know (must have been a pain in the ass in school) I couldn't help myself. So... I won three things. Yeah I should stop being such an asshole... A goodiebag from the student union (UMSU), a pair of UofM-mittens and a keychain. Jaay.

Notice the different goals UMSU has.

Is classism when one gets discriminated because of class?

In other news..
If you speak swedish then you might be interested in this post I made recently about the definition of a 'new word'. I'm quite proud over it.. and it took me quite some time to write.

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