torsdag 20 december 2012

Under the skin pt 3 - Swallowing

"I want a doctor to take a picture so I can look at you from inside aswell"
- The Vapors - Turning Japanese

I'm fascinated by the mechanism and physcial realtity of the body. What is it that we are, under the skin? Not in some metaphorical way, the fleshy actual physical side of us.

I've made a coupe post about this before, 

 And now - swallowing! Here are some awesome x-ray videos of what goes on INSIDE YOU when you eat and drink. I'm drinking coffee and thinking of this. Try it yourself, it's most illuminating!

Why x-ray swallowing? Well, sometimes there can be problems and doctors need to find out exactly what is going on. Is there any muscle that's not reacting the way it should? In order to help the patients they record x-ray videos. X-rays are not harmless, therefore the patients are only subjected to the rays and recording for limited time.

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