lördag 14 juli 2012

What's going on (July 2012)

Hi all and everyone.

I'm in Stockholm and I have summer break, sort of. I've had the opporunity to travel around in Sweden for a bit lately so that's been nice.

I've been making a few videos for the tubes and I wanted to share a two of them. I wouldn't say that I've got this video making business down yet but I'm working on it. I just wanna share my life and thoughts with near and dear who are far away.

Action art

I made a video yesterday about Action art, an art genre that I really like (mainly because I don't have patience for most other art genres). Action art is a form of art where the action of creating is often emphazised more than the acutal result of the creation. An early example is Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionism. Action art can also be sculpture, preformance etc etc. Also: there is beautiful footage of me with paint all over my face ^^.


I also made a cute video of me in pink curly hair that's bearable

Anyway, I'm working on making more videos. I let it take some time because I've got other stuff going on. I'm going to Slovenia in a couple of weeks, I'll put up some footage of that too (only the interesting things I assure you).

All videos I've made so far can be found here.

Kittens and Bunnyhugs!

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