onsdag 8 februari 2012

Creativity on the tubes - "Somebody I Used to Know"

When waves of the debate about copyright and SOPA is raging high it can sometimes be difficult to remember what it is really about. It can be easy do forget what is actually happened to creative people because of the homevideo, the computer and internet itself.
People in older generation often describes us as a bunch of immature lazy asses who just wants everything for free. That might not be entirely untrue but what is more important is what has happened to peoples lives no that it's so much easier to create your own content and upload it for everyone to see. There are people creating content with a much narrower audience in mind.

Hank has some nice rants about it that I recommend. The internet is like a street in the french quarters of New Orleans. Except it's infinte and it can be accessed form everywhere and every street corner is an equal distance away form you at all times

The freedom of the internet is not only a great thing because you get to download the latest Hollywood-move of Piratebay.

Many things has happened because of the facilitation of technology, many things that would never have happened if the only producers of culture that could reach a greater audience were great cable companies.

As an example of this I'd like to share with you something just happened: a parody of a cover of a song. It's a very good song. It might not be the most epic example of remixing ever but it's very sweet. Btw, if you like remixing and learning about who borrowed form who you should see 'Everything is a remix'. It's okay to be unoriginal!

Goyte made a video for his song in june 2011

Walk Off The Earth did an amazing cover

Key Of Awesome mad a parody of the cover

Puppets at Key of Awsome making parody of parody of cover

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